How Much Do Music Streaming Services Pay Artists Bands and Musicians

by Music Splitz | 2018-05-25 07:35:56




How much musicians, bands and producers actually get paid for streaming their music can be very confusing, so let's simplify it for you. In this article we will explain how much you can earn from each of the streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple music and many more....





All of the music streaming platforms do not really have a fixed rate for 'pay per stream'. It differs greatly from platform to platform and also there are other factors that define how much you will actually earn:

- Which country a listener is streaming from 

- Whether the listener has a free account or a paid account

- If an artist has a specific royalty rate

- The different pricing & currency in other countries

​This is why there is so much confusion as to what artists actually earn when their music is streamed each time.  To give some examples we have given royalty payout examples below to give you a rough idea.


1000 Streams on Spotify  =  £3.37 ($4.37)         

10k Streams on Spotify  =  £33.69 ($43.70)


1000 Streams on Napster  =  £14.65 ($19.00)    

10k Streams on Napster  =  £146.00 ($190.00)


1000 Streams on Youtube  =  £0.53 ($0.69)        

10k Streams on Youtube  =  £5.32 ($6.90)


Streaming is a fantasic way to earn a residual income and also promote your music. You can stand out from the crowd and reach a wider audience so artists can best suit everyones listening preference. 

The reality is that there are a number of professional independant Artists that barely make 1000 streams for their musical creation. This would only earn the artist between £0.53 & £14.65, imagine that this had to be split between a band of five people. It is a very dissapointing prospect. Artists and bands have to come accept that this has become the norm. We dont think this is by any means fair, and believe artists and bands deserve fairer rates of pay.







It can actually cost alot of money for an artist or band to produce a single. For example, instruments alone are very expensive, studio hire, photographer, writer in some cases, mixing and then mastering to bring the product to a professional level for radio release.  The costs can be anything between £500 - £3000. Many artists and bands now do do the recording themselves to cut this cost, which in turn has left less work for professional producers & mix engineers.

The problem that we are now facing is that many artists and bands are uploading their music without it being mixed or mastered. There is no real filtering process. This has had a huge impact on other independant musicians who are unsupported. This makes it very difficult to cut through the noise of all the music that is readily available.


Streaming is a great way to create revenue for the music industry. The transition occured to prevent illegal downloads and create stability for the artists. Adversely, it has left part of the music industry struggling desperately due the lowering sales revenue. The original sale of an artists music for 99p for a single is what is used to help promote the artist. It enables artists to create more dynamic and enhanced music. This will provide them a more stable revenue stream.

Most musicians are resulting to performing live rather than recording and releasing their original material  They now opt for limited event opportunites. This in turn affects the quality of music being released. 

A change is needed for independant music & artistry, If not, the result will be potentially tasteless or poor quality music being streamed or played. 

We have created a superb platform here at Music Splitz. Fans can directly support the artists in their career by purchasing their music and attending their live performances. 

What makes it really special is that the artists can now share their royalties with you for investing in them. You can now share their music through your own free fan account and help increase the support for the artists whilst earning at the same time. Its as simple as a click of a button to begin sharing to your social media accounts, email or via text message.

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