Our Vision

Make money on the side by supporting your favourite artists

New and improved music platform

Our Creative Team have developed a new and exciting approach to the problems faced by the music industry. The digital era gave birth to a huge upheaval resulting in huge losses in sales of Cd’s, Vinyl & Mp3’s. Almost everything went over to digital streaming, which as a result not only had a huge impact on the music industry, but also had a detrimental effect on the artists. Even Mp3 downloads may become a thing of the past due to illegal downloads.

So we’ve created a new way which will allow fans to have a copy of the artists music + at the same time offer a unique way to not only help support musicians directly with sales but also giving the fan/ listener a way to make money on the side.

supporting artists that struggle
make money on the side

Big earnings with a small investment

Do you like the idea of being your own boss and don’t have the funds to set up your own business, or do you just want to make some passive income. Whichever your goal, you can do so with a minimal investment just by purchasing an artists music. Then in a very simple way using our platform, you can start making money straight away & ‘The earning potential can be pretty high’ + It can all be done from the comfort of your own home.

What’s more, music is a really interesting product to sell & everyone loves it & the commissions are very high starting at 50% profit for everyone you sell to + an ongoing residual income. With no sign up fees & no catches.

Our Vision

Be a part of an artist’s success

You will be directly supporting artists in their career and bringing them exposure + an income. Music sales are actually very important, as artists earn next to nothing for their music being streamed (not even 1p per song) unfortunately unless they are very well known and successful. The results of this leaves artists struggling to the point that they cannot grow and develop without funding. So a lot of very talented artists and bands give up which leaves the fans with very limited types of music in the mainstream for us to listen to.

We are giving the opportunity for hardworking talented individuals to be successful & you can be a part of their success.

music sales for talented artists
Support charity projects in UK

Help us make a difference

As a company we want to try and make a difference to everyone's life if we can, so we are also supporting charity projects here in the U.K & abroad that will help make a difference to our planet and the people on it. So as a member of our community you can donate some of your earnings towards good causes once you start earning a nice amount & you can also feel confident that we have done the research on the charity organizations to make sure that the money you donate actually goes where it is meant to.

We will also be doing our own charity projects and songs with selected artists, where the money will be donated to the particular charity or crisis relief.

Meet the Team

  • Al Vincent

    Founder & CEO
  • Christina Koutoula

    Business Development
  • Andrew Sinclair

    Graphic Designer

Partner and Sponsors

  • Children in crisis

    Street child for now
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  • Humanitas