Company & The Bands
A life-story that changed the world.

Music Splitz is a new music platform that is set to bring about change not just for musicians but for everyone involved. Artists, Bands & Musicians are constantly fighting a battle that many do not see, it can be very difficult to follow your passion, as a career & earn money as a musician. Sadly, many good artists never get heard or seen.

My name is Al Vincent the founder of the Music Splitz, I myself am a recording artist & have first hand experience of the difficulties that musicians & artists face. Original music is very much needed as we all love to hear great new music, but only a small amount of new music reaches us. Many artists struggle to find gigs that will pay for original music and some agents even charge for artists & bands to play. We decided this needs to change. So that Artists do not give up on their dreams & have the support they need.

So we have developed a unique & exciting way to start supporting new music & amazing talent whilst also providing an opportunity for fans & music lovers to earn 50% + ongoing residual income from the Artists work, in turn supporting each other & giving an opportunity for anyone to be there own entrepreneur and have their own business from home with just a tiny investment. Just by simply buying the artists music, you potentially can earn the same as the artists do just by simply sharing it, which is something we all do on social media anyway for free. So we thought well let’s share our profits and give people the opportunity to change their lifestyle providing a creative product to sell with minimal investment but that can bring a healthy return. It’s a win win all round.

The power is then given to us as to which music we really want to hear as consumers, by getting behind artists you love, you will actually be responsible personally for furthering their career & you will even be able to communicate with the artists you are supporting. Artists submit to the platform and we let you decide who rises to the top. But at the same time, we want everyone to succeed and will support all artists from all genres to get their music heard & for you to earn money from their music. We aim to provide music from artists of the same quality that you hear from Mainstream radio to sell out concerts.

Follow our artists as they perform at Large events right down to Acoustic events at venues across the Uk including Festivals here & abroad. The artist’s events will be listed on the platform so that you can get involved and meet the artists that you have been supporting and making an income with, to thank them for sharing their work.

In partnership with Live Music Agents, Radio, TV, producers, mentors and other music industry professionals we aim to support artists & bands on there journey and helping them to build a career and future in their profession, providing artists with regular workshops and professional support including mental health, as many artists suffer from this silently unknown to many. We want to help them secure their future.

As an artist co-operative we also aim to record Charity songs and donate the proceeds to charity causes that the music splitz community can become hands on involved with. There are many different causes here at home & abroad that we can make a difference with together. So keep an eye out for different projects that you can also come and get involved with.

The world as we know it is changing & its now that we need to come together to support each other. We are glad to have you as part of the Music Splitz Community, please spread the word & lets start spreading a little light to the world & to those who are a less fortunate than ourselves.