• How to
A: On the homepage, click the Learn More button for a fun animated video explaining how you can earn money by supporting artists/ bands.
A: Once you have signed up, go to your dashboard using the profile picture icon on the top right of the screen. There will be a checklist to take you through the process on the dashboard.
A: On the help page, click on the training videos icon to find a library of very useful hints and tips of how you can grow your new online business.
A: Go to your Dashboard > My Account > Profile > click Edit and you can then make the necessary changes, then you just click update.
  • Promotions
A: This is the latest music that has been selected by our specialist panel of judges to feature on the homepage. Once the promotion has finished, you can find the tracks on the Artist page, still with the opportunity to promote.
A: Unfortunately we do not accept cover songs at all on the platform, only original material from artists, bands & producers.
A: There is no limit but we only advise sending up to 3 singles, 1 Ep, or 1 Album at a time & to ensure that the music is of high quality and has been professionally mastered. We want to promote your best material not all of it.
A: You can keep your music listed and being promoted for as long as you like under the artist’s agreement which is renewed automatically every year.
A: Is the File In the correct format, we accept Wav or MP3, if not try converting and upload again & be sure to complete your submission in full
A: We promote your music directly from the platform/ Website to maintain the professional look of your profile, but we also use all forms of social media to facilitate the promotion, E.g Facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube etc + the fans will be promoting for you as well.
  • Events
A: Go to the Events page, click on an event you wish to attend, and purchase tickets.
A: Not at this stage, however you will be able to share the events on social media pages if you wish to introduce new friends (we are currently working on Splitz of ticket sales & will let you know once we get started)
A: You get to access your event tickets by going to your Dashboard > Events > Ticket purchases > Download ticket icon.
A: Music splitz will hold the money until the event had been checked off as completed in the artist’s dashboard, if the event had to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances the ticket money will be paid directly back to member, you need good reason for cancelling an event. Only 1 cancellation is permitted, if a second cancellation is made, you will be liable to an admin fee + you will no longer be able to list your events as set out in the artists agreement.
A: At this time, it is only the artists that can list their events. But we may consider working alongside good live agents for featured events and general events in future, please contact us for consideration on Help page > Contact us tab > Email heading media/ press
  • Sharing
A: Yes there is no limit on purchases, but you do need to consider how you will share on social media and other channels. Spamming is not permitted and to share a large amount at the same time could alienate & annoy people you are sharing with
A: Search for the the song under artist’s tab as the current promotion may not be featured anymore, or if you have purchased the song(s) go to artist dashboard > Purchased Music and your song will be listed there
A: You go to your dashboard > Share & Promote tab. Select the music you wish to share or promotional video & click on the social media icons to share to your preferred social media channel, or send via email.
A: If you go to your Dashboard > Music > Successful referrals you will see a full list of all your referrals you have made and been paid out on. Also on your Main dashboard you can view & monitor your successful referral amounts, sales & analytics by clicking on them.
A: Referral codes are important they help us to track who introduced you to a promotion and vive versa who you will introduce. That way we know who to pay the rewards to.
A: Yes of course, you do not need to purchase your own music the same way a member needs to. To and introduce your fan base/ network to the platform to let us handle the sale, head over to the Dashboard > Share & Promote to share your music promotion with them
  • Accounts & Payments
A: Yes of course, you do not need to purchase your own music the same way a member needs to. To and introduce your fan base/ network to the platform to let us handle the sale, head over to the Dashboard > Share & Promote to share your music promotion with them
A: Paypal is the trusted provider used by Music Splitz, so yes you will need a Paypal account to withdraw money from your Music Splitz wallet.
A: On login page click on Forgot password & enter your email you registered with, if you have forgotten this then enter phone number you provided on sign up.
A: Go to your dashboard > Purchased Music, select the artist you supported & hit the download button
A: Try resizing the image before uploading and ensure the file is a JPEG. There are many free image editors online.
A: In your Dashboard click on Wallet > Withdraw button which will automatically make payment to your Paypal account, then sign in to your Paypal account and withdraw to your desired bank account.
A: You can have an account but you are unable to promote any music that is currently signed to a record company or publisher. Also they will not allow you to distribute your music through other channels in most cases, please check your agreement with them. You will still be able to list your events & support other artists though
A: We split the profits equally between the Artist & the platform 50/50, which then enables us to split further profits with your fans and new followers increasing your sales. The revenue forecasts are high if you use the sharing aspect of the platform alongside our marketing team
A: You can cancel anytime via the Artists Dashboard > Music > Music Submissions > Cancel Promotion. Cancellation will be effective 90 days after you agree to cancel the Song(s)/ Music through your dashboard. (Please be aware that you will no longer earn any rewards after the cancellation period)
A: We do not offer refunds on digital products unfortunately, managing your Paypal account and purchases on our platform are your own responsibility
A: Yes, the platform is completely free to join, only promotions, events and charity donations involve payments, all of which are optional
A: Yes, you are responsible for paying your tax as set out by your local tax office, you can earn a certain amount before being taxed but you need to contact your local tax office to find out more.
A: The reason we don’t allow artists to submit their links independently is to maintain professionalism for all the artists. Some artist’s social accounts might not be complete & may cause more damage than good to their profile.
A: Once your event has been successful you go to Events > Event submissions > Action tab > Mark as complete. Once we have checked the event did take place with the venue & confirmed you will be paid within 24 hours into your wallet..
A: We do not allow multiple accounts, unless under the rare exception for artists that may perform under 2 different artist names and you own full copyrights for the music you submit & you are not signed or have a publishing deal.
A: To cancel your account click on contact us on help page & send request under accounts heading.
  • Legal & Agreements
A: A lot of bands write songs together or singers work with a producer, it is up to you the main artist (Account holder) to have an agreement in place with whoever you have collaborated with as you are responsible for splitting the profits of that which you earn from the Music Splitz platform between those you have worked with
A: That’s the best part, you keep the full copyrights 100 % to your own music, giving you more independence
A: The terms of service will be available at all times, the artists agreement will only be available to the Artist when signed in. Both agreements are located in the at the bottom of every page.

We appreciate your feedback and suggestions! If there is anything you think the platform may need, please tell us here!!